Marketing with Videos

Pam Schallhorn, University of Illinois Extension, recently shared a video from Alton, Illinois. the video is a great example of how, without a lot of dollars, businesses and communities can effectively use videos in their marketing.

Videos continue to grow in popularity and use. Two trends in the use of videos make them attractive for marketing. The first trend is that short is great.  This video is around three minutes.

The second trend is that you don’t need a lot of fancy gear, a simple camera or even your smartphone can do the job. Plus you don’t need to do a lot, if any, editing. Even if some editing is needed, there are some programs that most people can pickup and use in just a short period of time.

Check out this video and then, “Lights, camera, and action,” should be your next step.

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Marketing, Branding, and Small Business: The Bartlett Farm Example

Bartlett Farm Merry Christmas – Used with Permission – Click here to go to video

Merry Christmas video

Merry Christmas from the Bartlett Farm – Used with permission

Small-business owners, like all other business owners, want people to know about their business. They also want to establish a reputation regarding their business and to build a brand.

There are many tools that owners can use to get this done. One such tool, the use of video, has been seeing increased use and is being encouraged by those who work with and support these owners.

Getting into video production is a scary idea though. When suggested, owners think of cameras, editing rooms, putting together a script, and, of course, cost.

Yet more and more often, owners are finding that they can do great video on their own without fancy tools.

An example of the latest video from the Bartlett Farm from northern North Dakota shows how one small business uses video in their marketing and branding campaign. Part of establishing your brand is providing some background of the people involved in the business. They also show that you can have some fun when making them. And they include a visual reference to one of their products.

To see more on how they use images and video, check out their website – Notice they even have a link to take you directly to their media page.

As you make plans for your next marketing campaign, think about all of the marketing tools you have available. Know where your audience is and how best to reach them.

Video is effective and growing in popularity and is something you can do it yourself. It can put a personality on your business, let your clients be your advocate, and tell your story.

Happy Holidays from Power of Business