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September Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2017 – PDF

  • Insurance for your Small Business
  • Dropshipping
  • Support Local
  • Involved or Committed
  • Keeping the Books
  • How to Maintain Work-Life Balance
  • Client Testimonials
  • Know Your Competitors
  • How Do Your Hire?
  • Working in a Family Business
  • Picking a Business Name
  • Mistakes Startups Often Make
  • Don’t Depend on the Yellow Pages
  • and much, much more!

August Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2017 – PDF

  • Business Strategy
  • Test Your Marketing
  • A Narrative is Not Your Story
  • Take a Vacation
  • Got a New Product
  • Don’t Make These Online Mistakes
  • Hiring Your Spouse
  • When Your Marketing Doesn’t Work
  • Color and Marketing
  • Make Reviews Part of Your Marketing
  • Facebook Watch:  Something to Watch
  • Best Social media Advertising
  • Getting Your Website to Perform
  • Effective Blogs
  • plus much more!

July Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2017 – PDF

  • Making Dreams Come True
  • Marketing – Part Art, Part Science
  • Support Local
  • Seasonal Business Opportunities
  • Scaling Up – Keeping the Zeal
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Cutting the Cost of Facebook Ads
  • Bad Reviews Can be Good for Business
  • Get More from Your Social Media
  • Plus Much Much More!


November Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Make It Easy to Spend More
  • Online Reviews Are Crucial
  • Resources for Service Businesses
  • Your eMail Signature is Marketing
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Marketing, Branding, What’s the Difference?
  • Make Your Business Snap
  • Measuring Success – Analytics and Metrics
  • Responsive is Key
  • Financial Mistakes to Avoid
  • Is Raising Prices an Answer to Greater Profits?
  • Making Social Media Marketing Work
  • Promoting Your Small Business on YouTube
  • Plus Much Much Much more!

October Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Drop Shipping
  • Get Attention with Your Headlines
  • Watch Your Pennies
  • Indicators You are Losing Money
  • Data Analysis
  • Trade Name and Trademarks – Two Different Things
  • Don’t Take These Paths
  • Business Financing
  • Being a Dad and and Entrepreneur
  • What to Put on Social Media
  • Using Location and Twitter to Market
  • Effective Landing Pages
  • Social Media in Not Much Time
  • Plus Much Much Much more!

September Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Tell Your Story
  • Look For New Audiences
  • Elements of Your Brand
  • Develop Your Support System
  • Do You Need a Partner?
  • Store Location
  • Do You Have the Cash?
  • Turn eMail Readers into Customers
  • Building a Website – Checklist
  • Effective Use of Google
  • Social Media in Not Much Time
  • Internet Trends Report
  • and Much More

August Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Pay Attention to Your Finances
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Using Data Segmentation for Marketing
  • Taking Your Own Headshots
  • Are You Quitting?  Don’t Give Up Yet
  • Hiring the First Employee
  • Chips on Your Credit Cards
  • Scaling a Service Business
  • Creating Powerful Infographics
  • Helping Local Communities
  • Live Streaming in Your Marketing Plans
  • Beginners Guide to Video
  • Control:  You Have Little Over Social Media
  • Doing a Business Blog
  • Making Social Make Money
  • and Much Much More!

July Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Financial Health
  • Are You a Liar?
  • Creating a Market Budget
  • Understand Your Profit and Loss Statement
  • Setting Your Marketing Budget
  • Personal Learning Networks
  • Reputation Key in Branding
  • Things that Keep You Awake
  • Own a Single Word
  • Need a Logo?
  • Is Virtual Reality Right for Your Business?
  • Decrease Online Advertising Costs
  • And Much Much More!

June Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Keeping a Strong Network
  • Great Slogans
  • Free-Use Images
  • Connecting with Locals
  • Power of Attorney
  • 11 Steps to Market Your Startup
  • Desired Entrepreneurial Mindsets
  • Gauging Customer Sentiment about Your Business
  • Building a Business Around Hand-Made
  • Can you Say No?
  • Marketing vs Loyalty
  • Marketing and Our Brain
  • and much more!

May Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Getting Press Release Published
  • Ethics – It Starts Before you Open the Doors
  • Stay in Touch with Customers
  • Is the Government Part of Your Market?
  • Compete on Quality
  • Size up the Competition
  • Customer Service – What Do Your Customers Think?
  • Powerful Websites
  • Negative Reviews
  • Why Blog?
  • Use Digital To Break into the Market
  • Maximize Your Website
  • Using Video in Marketing
  • and much more

April Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • National Small Business Week – May 1 – 7 2016
  • Build Your Brand
  • Logo vs Brand
  • Stand Out from the Competition
  • Deciding on Your Business Structure
  • Small Business Success Pillars
  • How much cash do you need?
  • Expanding your “Homemade” business
  • Yelp and Review Filtering
  • Prepare for Mobile
  • Internet Use and Rural Small Businesses
  • Google SEO Rankings
  • Social Media Statistics
  • and much more


March Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter – PDF

  • A Look at Good Customer Service
  • Getting Ready to Grow
  • Telling Your Start-Up Story
  • Marketing Services
  • Business Insurance
  • Building a Marketing Plan
  • The Importance of Color
  • Logo Design Questions
  • Effective Online Marketing
  • Social Media Basics
  • People Want to Buy Local
  • Social Media Contests and the Law
  • Email Works – These Make it Better
  • and Much More

February Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Defining a Great Business
  • Your Business Credit Report
  • Change Will Happen
  • Managing Risk
  • Just Say “No”
  • Can You Run Your Business From Home?
  • Time management
  • Create Good Images
  • Starting  your Day
  • and Much More

January Small Business Tips and Resources Newsletter 2016 – PDF

  • Building a Brand
  • Drip Marketing
  • Building Trust
  • Use All the Tools When Marketing
  • Marketing – What Works?
  • New Marketing Angles
  • Customer = Great Marketing
  • 3 Step Marketing
  • Product Demos that Work
  • Handling Small Business Insurance Claims
  • And Much More


2015 – Tips and Resources Newsletter Archived

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