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2. Create A Custom Google Map

While Google Maps works hard to keep information up to date, it can always use help from people “on the ground”. In rural or sparsely populated areas, the algorithms that create the maps may not yield the ideal path to your business. You can:

  • Create searchable and share-able maps
  • Mark locations, paths, and regions of interest
  • Add lines, shapes, colors, photos, and videos
  • Embed your map on your website


  • Go to Google Maps
  • Log into your Google account
  • Choose the Settings icon from the lower right corner of the screen
  • Select My Places from the menu


  • Select Create MapClipboard01
  • Give your map a Title and Description
    • Remember to use key words (business name, place names, and words people might use to search for your map/business).
  • Add markers, draw routes, add directions
  • You will have 5 edit tools on the map.
    • Hand Tool for selecting and editing your map details
    • Balloon/Place Tool for adding a place-mark
    • Line/Shape Tool gives the option to
      • draw a line
      • add a shape
      • add a route
    • Directions Tool for adding step-by-step directions
    • Measurement Tool measures distances and area



  • Choose whether to Share your map
  • More advanced options (including code to embed your map on a web page or export to KML format) can be found under the folder icon
    • KML is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile


3.  Adding Photos to Google Maps

  • Search for a place-mark where you want to add your photo
  • Select the “Add a photo” link from the information tab


  • Drag photos to the window or select them from your directory


  •  That’s it!  As soon as Google approves your image it will be visible for everyone to see


**If there is no place-mark where you want to put your photo, you can create a custom map with your own place-marks using My Maps adding your photos using the “Add image or video” icon in the information window.


  •  These images or videos must be on the web already as shown by the options here


  •  Remember to share your map so that others can view your place-marks and see your photos