Claim Your Business

Claim, Correct, and Customize your Business Listing

What do people find when they search for your business? Does your business have a bubble on a map? If so, is the information accurate? If you don’t know, search for your business name on map web sites to see what information is listed. If your business is listed, it is possible to claim, customize, and correct the information listed. If it is not listed, you can create a listing. You can either do that yourself, or you can have someone do it for you.

Yahoo Localworks, Yext, and Moz Local are three services that will create and maintain your business listings.

Before you pay someone to manage your business listings, we recommend trying a few yourself first. Here is how to do that on a few key sites.

Places to start


In order to “Claim Your Bubble” in Google, you will first need to have a Google Account.

Go to Google My Business and click on Get On Google. Search for your business.

If your business is listed, click on it, check the box that says “I am authorized to manage this business and agree to the Terms of Service.” Then follow the prompts to claim your business.

If your business is not listed, click “Add your business.”

Customize Google Maps


Claiming your bubble on Bing is very similar to Google. You will need a Microsoft account to claim your business listing on Bing.

Search for your business at Bing Places for Business. If your business is listed, click “Claim Business” button. Verify that you are authorized to add and make changes. You will be able to see the listing information and update it.

If your business is not listed, just click “Create new business.”


In addition to Localworks, Yahoo also offers free local listings as well as a premium enhanced listing. First you will need to create a Yahoo account.

Go to Yahoo Small Business Local Marketing and look for the “Try Local Basic Listing for Free.” Signing up will allow you to manage your business listing.


There are numerous other sites that have business listings. You may want to consider setting aside time to find and claim your business on some of these. Here are a couple to get you started.


Maps on mobile devices are more a function of the downloaded apps in use. Test different map apps on your device and see which ones give the best results and offer the features you are looking for.

Submit Corrections to GPS Data Providers

Note: many times changes submitted to GPS data providers will take weeks, months, or more to be incorporated.