Business Tips

Business Startup – The 5 (+1) Most Frequently Asked Questions – These are the most common questions that have been asked during my 20 years of working with people looking to start a business.

Small Business Myths and Realities – Starting a business can be a great opportunity. Yet there are lots of myths surrounding what a small business can offer such as lots of free time, free money to help you start, and more. Check out what is real and what isn’t.

Real Costs of Customer Service – Part of our goal at Power of Business is to look at issues from the perspective of the business owner.  This article from the New York Times does a great job of doing that for customer service. Listen to the owner considering how to address his desire for quick customer returns.

10 Financial Considerations for New Business Owners – Before starting a business, the SBA offers 10 financial issues that you should consider beginning with discussing the idea with your family. Also make sure your financial projections represent the real world. Often it is recommended to take your estimate and then double it. And consider when to use credit and where you can get it. REMEMBER, there is no free money.