Small Business Cyber Security Needs Continue

data breach 2A recent article by HuffPost Business examined how cyber security for small business continues. A recent hack at LinkedIn certainly demonstrates that point.

The majority of small businesses are storing email addresses, billing addresses and passwords of their clients. At the same time, they are doing little to safeguard their own passwords or creating passwords that are difficult to break and then changing them on a regular basis.

In 2015, Mary Peabody joined us here at Power of Business to do two sessions on Cyber Security.

Mary has shared a recorded webinar on payment fraud done by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Also, she shared the slides from another session done by the SBA and the Federal Reserve Bank.

With this information, you may realize it is time to develop a cyber security plan for your small business.  The Federal Communication Commission has developed two tools to help you make this a reality, a planning guide and a tip sheet.

Now is a great time to protect your business. We hope these tools help.

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