Important to Watch Trends

Mary PeabodyStaying current with what’s coming is key to small business success.

Your business is bubbling along. Things are going good. And then one day you look out and no one is buying anything. Not only are they not buying anything but there isn’t even anyone coming in the door.

Can you envision this?  What happened?

One of the possible answers is you missed an important trend.

Mary Peabody, University of Vermont Extension, looks that this topic of “trends.”

She notes how important it is for business owners to keep an eye on what’s going on.  She also cautions business owners to try and distinguish what is actually a trend from something that might be a fad.

Trends, she notes, can have a serious impact on your business but they can also represent opportunities.  If you find an interesting trend, further determine if it is going up or headed down. You want, if possible, to catch the upswing.

Watch this webinar. And then check out trends. It’s worth the effort. 


2 thoughts on “Important to Watch Trends

  1. When you are going to set up a business even if it is only a small business, you should really watch the trends and pick your moment on when and how will you utilize the trend to your advantage so that the business could grow.

    • Two great thoughts on using trends to your advantage. And you are right that size of the business makes no difference.

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