Listening for the Need

Surprised child

Photo (CC 2.0) by Jay Ryness, on Flickr

How many times have you asked yourself, “What do our customers want?”

I hope you answered that by saying you consider that question every day. Or maybe once a week. At least I hope it’s once a year as you set up your goals for the year.

Yet I suspect that often our answer revolves around thinking we know what the customer wants. And that can be a big mistake.

So what should be the answer to my question? I would hope we would answer “This is what our customer wants BECAUSE WE ASKED!!!!!”

We may think we know what the customer wants or we may treat a part of the issue but do we get to the cause.

This video, from Stanford eCorner, tells the story of how Intuit realized its product was used as much in the business world as it was for its designed market, taking care of our personal finances.

Watch it and then ask yourself again, “What do your customers want?” I suspect your answer will be, “We better go and find out.”

Savor the Surprise

And don’t think you only ask once. Your market will change

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