Following the Regulations

Dept. of Regulations

Photo (CC 2.0) by Jeffrey Beall, on Flickr

As I work with small business owners, I hear sometimes about the laws and regulations that impact the operation of their business. A difficulty they have is staying aware of new regulations that might affect them.

The Maryland Risk Management Education Blog recently wrote about a local business owner and an issue they faced, anti-discrimination statutes, in their agritourism business.

As they noted, their blog is not legal advice but brings up an issue that others may face. In the case of the business discussed, it brought a fine and a civil penalty as well.

As a business owner, you need to:

  1. stay abreast of these issues;
  2. put policies and procedures in place to ensure you comply,
  3. train your staff in compliance; and
  4. get a attorney on your team to offer advice.

Staying on top of such issues can help you avoid such fines. It also can save you dollars spent in handling legal issues. More importantly, it ensures that your business does not suffer from negative publicity.

Learn what laws and regulations affect your business. Watch for changes or new issues that come along. And take the necessary steps to ensure your compliance. 

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