What’s Your _______________? – Part 1

Question mark

Photo (CC 2.0) by Virtual EyeSee, on Flickr

It’s 2016. Let’s start by helping you get answers to your questions and building your professional network.

1st opportunity – Answer this question.

What’s the #1 question holding your business back?


Why do we ask? Because we want to hear from you, your questions and your answers. This post will be one of several future chances to provide your thoughts, ideas, issues and answers.

So the floor is open. Just respond in the comment section. Post your question or post how you handled such a situation. Or maybe you have some thoughts from an educational program or something you read or heard. Share, share, share. And don’t be afraid to discuss. Offer concerns and alternatives.

This is your space to share knowledge and build networks.

Our objectives at Power of Business are to:

  • Allow you to connect and build networks with other business owners and resource people
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Encourage you to share your success stories and tips for other owners based on your experiences
  • Learn where your colleagues go for resources

To achieve these requires hearing from you.

So get started. Be the first one to grab this opportunity.




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