Networking: Where You Can Find Answers to Your Questions


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I had the opportunity yesterday to attend a meeting sponsored by the Prairie Family Business Association. It was a great reminder on how much information you can learn by networking with other business owners.

While in the hallways and during the breaks, you could not help but notice small groups or even just a couple of individuals having good conversations.  If you listened in, a lot of information about management practices was being exchanged.

Yes, some of the conversations dealt with current events and sports but that’s okay. Those conversations help build relationships and trust between individuals. It also gave insight into trends and future changes impacting your business, something crucial to you as a business owner.

Effective networking is a key in business success.  Effective networking helps you get answers. It helps brand your business and it is a great marketing channel.

There are lots of opportunities to network. You should join organizations such as your Chamber as well as social organizations. You can also find trade organizations and industry organizations. I would also urge you to consider organizations such as the family business meeting I attended.

Many of you probably operate a family business. They are unique ventures that blend both the business system and the family system. Merging those two systems requires some special management and operational considerations. The best place to learn those skills is in working with other family business owners.

Effective networking can make a big difference in your business. Make the effort and you will find lots of benefits.

For more tips on networking, check out our video and tip sheet.


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