Elwood Market Moves Forward with Nebraska Encouragement

Guest Bloggers: Jim Crandall, Cooperative Business Development Specialist – University of Nebraska Extension

Elwood marketTaking a look back at a business our guest bloggers highlighted in May, 2013. Find the original story here.

The Elwood Hometown Cooperative Market was born to meet a community need.  When the local grocery story closed, the citizens were faced with no place to buy milk or a loaf a bread. With the assistance of the UNL Nebraska Cooperative Development Center, a part of Nebraska Extension, a steering committee made plans and then opened a new cooperative grocery store in town.

The store continues to do well.  The Nebraska Cooperative Development Center Extension staff continue to meet with them on a regular basis as they develop and change to meet community needs. With the closing of a local café, they have added a daily lunch special to their offerings.

Inside Elwood MarketThe expertise of the staff is growing. New things are happening. Membership communication has been expanded and includes the use of social media and emails. Check out their Facebook page.

Jim Crandall summed up his comments saying the store is doing well as it grows slowly and deliberately into the future.

And while they work hard, they also have some fun. Check out their video.


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