How Does Your Company Start and End the Day?

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Photo (CC) by tracey r, on Flickr

I came across this blog the other day, “Are You Really Ready to Serve” by Paul Larue. He asks a great question about a situation we probably have all been in.

After reading the blog, as an owner you know need to ask yourself about your own business. What is the experience that the first customer in the door or the last customer of the day has?

We have all probably experienced what Paul describes. I certainly have. And I wondered if I, the customer, was the priority? Some times I felt like I was but other times I felt I was simply interrupting the business.

As a business owner, are you and your employees ready to serve from the moment the doors open until they close for the day? You should be.

Connecting Your Business and Workplace Culture to Your Bottom Line

Our May chat had Kathy Bourgue talking about how the culture of your business can influence business success, the bottom line.

Business owners are always interested in ways that they can increase their return on investment. They will try a variety of tools to make that happen.

Kathy identifies how culture can influence employee training and retention as well as customer service. It also can been seen in brand consistency. Making it happen requires the owner to always demonstrate the desired skills and traits and to then communicate them to staff and the customer. You want to engage both groups.

She reminds the small business owner that it is not just the big things that show the culture of your business but the small things as well.

So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy hearing how one business owner builds her business through the development of a specific culture within her business.

PS – Want to see how not meeting customer expectations can cost you. Check this resource out – True Cost of Not Meeting Customer Expectations