Stay Tuned to a Changing Environment

I suspect you have been told once or twice that the world is changing (this is especially true if you have children). Well, it’s true.  Things don’t remain static in the business world. The small business owner must keep up with changes occuring on a number of fronts. There are several ways this can be done. The Power of Business is one way. We want to help you stay abreast of changes that may change the way you do business. We try to do this in small bite-sized chunks allowing you to digest them as you have a few minutes during your work day.  We also are connecting you with other business owners who have faced these issues and can provide input on what they did.  

Today we highlight two blogs that discuss potential changes for your business.  We hope you find the information helpful.  Let us know what changes are facing your business and what you are doing to handle them. 

If you are a produce seller, you probably have heard of changes based on the Food Safety Modernization Act. One section, theProduce Safety Rule may impact your business  depending on your size.  The intent of this action was to, maintain safe food production.  The Maryland Risk Management Education Blog provides a nice overview of the Act. Take a few minutes and see how this may change your business operation.

Meanwhile in the world of credit cards, a change is coming that will impact any b usiness who usese credit or debit cards.  The chip-and-pin cards are coming. They will replace the magnetic strip cards that are currently used here in the United States.  What this will mean is the need for new equipment and understanding just how to run these cards through the equipment. Small Food Business takes a look at this upcoming change and how small businesses can prepare.  See this blog at:

BOOSTing your online presence: Is it worth it?

A common question for business owners is whether or not they should promote their Facebook page. This blog, although not from a business owner, does give some perspective on how hard it was and if it was worth it. The real test comes from your own trials. Pick some of your best material and see what happens. And note that you can control how much you want to pay.