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Whether you are thinking about a business idea, just starting your business, or you have had a business for some time, it seems like there are always new questions or issues coming up. How can you keep up?

Two common ways that business managers stay up to date are, first, by talking to other business owners. That is one of the reasons for Power of Business. We want to encourage business owners to connect and engage with other business owners. Each of you have some of the answers learned through experience and your own searching for answers.

The second commonly used tool is to find resources that you consider reliable and trustworthy. You have traditional sources such as your local Extension Service office and its online presence found in each state and at  You also have agencies such as the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Centers and SCORE. Every state has other sources in addition to these found in one or more of the state agencies.

All of these resources and many others can also be found online. One of the online resources that has seen a dramatic rise in numbers are various bloggers. Again, business owners tend to find their favorite ones, people they feel provide timely, valid and reliable information. They also look for information from people who have “been there and done that” and often recommended by other owners.

When searching for bloggers or other online information providers, you can often find those who are directly in your same industry. For some time, I have followed Small Food Biz. Recent articles such as the look at why small businesses need insurance,, quickly lay out a basic outline of the issue and some real-world reason why it is important. (This author has no relationship to this blog).

Another blogger I follow focuses on small rural business and the communities where they are located, Small Biz Survival. (This author is a guest blogger at this site). Today, you can probably find someone offering information for practically any type of business in any type of location (Just check out our list of interviews with business owners under “Friday 15.”).

The bottom line is that there are resources available to help you get the answers to your questions. And we haven’t even discussed other professionals who also can be of great service.

So when faced with a new situation or question, ask around and go online. Chances are you can find guidance from a number of sources.  However just a note of caution, not all of the information you find is correct or right for you so, again, use your resources to check and verify.

Remember, when you are running a small business, you need not feel alone.


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